Vierra-Slimplus Enzyme Jelly  20g x 7 Sachets

Vierra-Slimplus Enzyme Jelly 20g x 7 Sachets

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Get your daily nutrients in one delicious pack!Contains healthy enzymes for a healthy gut.Helps with weight management.100 plus nutrients from fermented fruit and vegetables.Helps your body detoxify.Description Product Description Take
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    Get your daily nutrients in one delicious pack!

    Contains healthy enzymes for a healthy gut.
    Helps with weight management.
    100 plus nutrients from fermented fruit and vegetables.
    Helps your body detoxify.


    Product Description

    Take all 100 vitamins and minerals you get from vegetables and fruits in a 1 delicious jelly. Veirra Slimplus Enzym Jelly is a premium jelly supplement that helps manage your weight loss, detoxify, maintains healthy bowel, easy absorbing, and full of nutrients. Containing most of potent ingredients from vegetables and fruit extract, fermented to formulate into one concentrated delicious everyday goodness.



    Water, Concentrated plum juice, Cassia seed powder, Concentrated apple juice, Crystalline fructose, Oligosaccharide, Isomaltooligosaccharide, Pineapple powder, Mango powder, Dark plum powder,Plum powder, Cherry powder, Lemon powder, Orange powder, Tangerine powder, Kumquat powder, Mint powder, Cherry tomato powder, Acai powder, Tremella powder, Wax gourd powder, Lettuce powder, Coix seed powder, Eggplant powder, Cucumber powder, Purple perilla powder, Horseradish tree leaf powder, Raspberry powder, Blueberry powder, Waxberry powder, Mulberry powder, Blackcurrant powder, Passion fruit powder, Tea flower powder, Apple powder, Chicory powder..


    How to Use

    Store in a cool dry place, take one jelly a day after meal with best taste when refrigerated.


    About Vierra

    VIERRA is a dedicated inner beauty brand endeavor of evidence-based product research & development, to provide a holistic approach for beautiful skin, health & wellbeing. Originated in Melbourne, passionate about natural ingredients & formula innovation, embrace the finest laboratories to provide the optimal clean inner beauty solution.

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