Toplife-Squalene 1000mg Max 100% Pure 365 Capsules

Toplife-Squalene 1000mg Max 100% Pure 365 Capsules

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The strength and longevity of the deep sea shark!Helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.Strong anti-oxidant that assists in improvement of general well-being.Improves healthy blood circulation.100% Australian Shark Liver Oil.Description
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    The strength and longevity of the deep sea shark!

    Helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.
    Strong anti-oxidant that assists in improvement of general well-being.
    Improves healthy blood circulation.
    100% Australian Shark Liver Oil.



    Product Description

    Toplife Squalene 1000mg Max is a potent healthy-lipid compound found in highest concentration in shark liver. it contains C30H50 an active ingredient which has been shown to resupply cells with oxygen. Shark liver oil is a natural compound which is vital for the synthesis of cholesterol, steroid hormones and vitamin D. It assists in the maintenance of healthy skin and hair and functions as a strong antioxidant. Toplife Squalene is extracted from the highest quality pure shark liver oil manufactured to the strictest Australian standards. 100% pure squalene for extra potency.



    Squalene(Shark liver oil) 1000mg.



    Adults take one to three capsules daily or as directed by your health care professional.



    Store below 30 degrees C in a cool dry place. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.


    About Toplife

    Established in Australia in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd specialises in marketing & manufacturing, and is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products. For decades, Homart has been an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, recognized for its’ product quality and holds an Australian GMP Manufacturing License (License No: MI-2012-LI-04100-3) to produce Supplementary Medicine. It strives to maintain its’ reputation by using the finest & highest concentration in the ingredients extracted to measure and test during the production process, that is aligned with the regulations of the Australian GMP. The Quality Control process is performed and conducted by their in-house professional experts to ensure the highest product quality that is consumed by thier end-consumers.

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