Thompson’s-Echinacea Complex 200ml

Thompson’s-Echinacea Complex 200ml

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The relieving power of Echinacea in one bottle!Reduce and relieves severity of cough & colds.Support a healthy immune system.100% all natural ingredients.Vegan Friendly.Description Product description Thompson’s Echinacea Complex is a
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    The relieving power of Echinacea in one bottle!

    Reduce and relieves severity of cough & colds.
    Support a healthy immune system.
    100% all natural ingredients.
    Vegan Friendly.



    Product description

    Thompson’s Echinacea Complex is a powerful supplement blended with three types of echinacea species to naturally boost your immunity. This supplement is a liquid formulation to provide a quicker and fast absorption. An Ideal support to relieve symptoms of mild upper respiratory infections and other related diseases. Echinacea or known as cornflower known to have an active substance that actively boost immunity, relieves pain, reduce inflammation and treats other diseases such as common colds and respiratory tract infection.


    Suitable for

    • Individuals who suffer from or prone to recurrent upper respiratory tract infections such as colds
    • Individuals who seek a supplement to support a healthy immune system
    • Individuals who suffer from or prone to colds and would like to reduce their severity and duration.


    Active Ingredients

    Echinacea angustifolia (Echinacea) ext. 62.5mg, derived from dry roots 250 mg. Echinacea pallida (Echinacea) ext. 500 microliter, derived from root 250 mg. Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) ext. 2.4 ml, derived from dry root min 1.2g (1200 mg), std. to contains Alkylamides 2.4 mg, Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) ext. 400mg, derived from dry flower herb top 2g (2000 mg).


    No Added

    Gluten, lactose, nuts, shellfish, dairy, eggs, fish, sesame seeds, soya beans. No artificial colours or artificial flavouring. Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly.


    Directions of Use

    For adults, take 3ml twice daily in a small quantity or water or juice or as professionally prescribed.




    Store below 30°C in a dry place.


    Cautions & Interactions

    Use only as directed and always read the label.

    Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


    About Thompson's Nutrition

    Dedicated to efficacious natural healthcare based on credible science, the Thompson's brand was established by the respected English herbalist M. Barrington Thompson.  Today, Thompson’s is a market leader in natural healthcare in New Zealand, enjoying positive growth in Australia and exporting products around the world. Thompson’s are continually seeking solutions that will drive better health outcomes and deliver a range of healthcare benefits to support a healthy lifestyle.


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