Peppermint Grove-Buttercream & Vanilla Soy Candle 370g (Christmas)

Peppermint Grove-Buttercream & Vanilla Soy Candle 370g (Christmas)

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An aromatic and enchanting candle that infuses buttermilk, coconut and vanilla into the air!Produces cleaner burn with full-bodied fragrance.Crafted from soy wax which is more environmentally friendly.Beautifully presented in a Peppermint Grove
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    An aromatic and enchanting candle that infuses buttermilk, coconut and vanilla into the air!

    Produces cleaner burn with full-bodied fragrance.
    Crafted from soy wax which is more environmentally friendly.
    Beautifully presented in a Peppermint Grove gift box.


    Peppermint Grove Australia

    Product Description

    Peppermint Grove’s line of soy candle will surely fill your room with sophisticated and luxurious fragrance that will reinvigorate and sooth the senses.

    Peppermint Grove Buttercream & Vanilla Soy Candle is a rich candle that has elaborate freshly baked cupcakes just out of the oven, topped with a vanilla buttercream icing. Fun, festive and exquisitely gourmand, this fragrance is the ultimate sweet treat! It has top notes of buttermilk; middle notes are malt and coconut; base notes are vanilla and musk.

    Each candle is made by hand and presented in a highly polished, custom-designed faceted glassware with Limited Edition gold box and matching gold lid.


    What it’s made of:

    Soy Blend Wax

    Cotton Wick


    Candle Care Instructions

    Always ensure your candles wicks are trimmed to 5mm before each burn.

    When you first burn your candle, allow the wax to pool evenly to the edge of the vessel. This will ensure an even burn and maximum fragrance delivery every time you use your candle.

    Store your candle in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

    When the candle can no longer be burned, remove the residue wax by placing the glass in hot water. This will soften and lift the remaining wax. Your vessel can now be used for a multitude of purposes in your home.


    Candle Safety Instructions

    Place your candle on a stable heat-resistant surface before burning.

    Never burn your candle on or near anything that could catch fire. Keep away from drafts, water & moisture.

    Always ensure wicks are upright and in the middle of the candle. Do not allow the wicks to float to the side of the vessel as this could lead to the glass overheating.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended. Ensure candle is completely extinguished before leaving the room.

    Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.

    Do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time.

    Do not allow your candle to burn to the very base of the vessel. Cease burning when there is 10mm of solid wax left at the base of the candle.

    Do not touch your burning candle or move it when the wax is liquid.


    About Peppermint Grove Australia

    Peppermint Grove Australia creates handmade and exquisite products that captures the remarkable beauty and exquisite charm of Australian living. Each fragrance has been carefully created to encapsulate a unique part of the Australian landscape; its beauty and the memories and experiences they invoke. Their luxurious collection of candles, diffusers and bath & body products are hand poured in a highly polished custom-designed vessel that is unique to their brand, our story and our industry. They strive to offer only the highest quality products, sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, to produce a collection that is sophisticated and timeless.

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