Nontre-Wool Laundry Balls 3-Pack

Nontre-Wool Laundry Balls 3-Pack

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Shortens drying time and leaves clothes soft and fluffy!Reduces energy usage.Prevents sheets from tangling during drying.Softens clothes and reduce wrinkles.Eliminates residue left from liquid fabric softeners.Reusable.Description Product Description Nontre’s Wool
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    Shortens drying time and leaves clothes soft and fluffy!

    Reduces energy usage.
    Prevents sheets from tangling during drying.
    Softens clothes and reduce wrinkles.
    Eliminates residue left from liquid fabric softeners.


    Product Description

    Nontre’s Wool Laundry Balls are made from 100% pure Australian wool. It helps clothing and bedding dry faster, leaving them soft, fluffy, and static-free. Combined with one of Nontre’s fragrance oils, these wool balls will leave your laundry feeling soft and gently fragrant.



    Material: 100% Australian wool

    Colour: Natural White - unbleached

    Quantity: 3Pcs (7cm diameter) Australian Wool Dryer Balls



    1. Place all three Wool Balls into the dryer with laundry.

    2. If desired, add fragrance oil halfway through the drying process (place three drops of fragrance oil to each Wool Ball).



    About Nontre creates premium household essentials and personal care products by combining high quality and stimulating ingredients.

    These products are achieved through extensive research and development and a genuine interest in designing products.

    Proudly Australian owned and operated, the goal of the company was to capture the essence of the land and sea in their products via a range of unique fragrances and essential oils. From nontre’s No.1 signature fragrance, to Rainforest, or Bergamot & Rosemary, you will find the perfect scent for your home.

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