Moss St. Fragrances-Crushed Salt & Lemon Zest Large Ceramic Diffuser 350ml

Moss St. Fragrances-Crushed Salt & Lemon Zest Large Ceramic Diffuser 350ml

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An uplifting fragrance that gives a home its signature scent!Helps clear airways for easy breathing.Calming and boost concentration.Promotes healthy sleep patterns.Shipped Internationally with Natonic Logistics:You can order normal items together,
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    An uplifting fragrance that gives a home its signature scent!

    Helps clear airways for easy breathing.
    Calming and boost concentration.
    Promotes healthy sleep patterns.

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    Product Description

    Moss St. Fragrances Crushed Salt & Lemon Large Ceramic Diffuser is an eye-catching piece of home fragrance that has been re-designed into a chic new collection. Made with environmentally friendly mixtures of plant base essentials of the refreshingly sophisticated fragrance of Crushed Salt & Lemon Zest, Mandarin, geranium, vanilla, musk, amber and cedar wood that continuously fills your room.

    A fragrance Diffuser is one of the home’s essentials that doesn’t just add fragrance and décor but also has its health benefits for the indoor environment such as promoting clean indoor air, boost your mood and concentration, promoting healthy sleep patterns, and helps in congestions. The Ideal fragrance for your modern living and office space, leaving you a lingering signature scent that lasts all year long.


    Diffuser Care & Safety

    -          Place the reeds in the ceramic lid and submerge, allow it to absorb into the reed for 5-10 minutes.

    -          After 5-10 minutes flip the reeds and submerge the dry part for overall absorption of fragrance.

    -          Keep away from flames or direct sunlight.

    -          Never swallow the diffuser liquid. If ingested seek immediate medical attention.

    -          Keep out of reach of children and pets

    -          Avoid direct contact with furniture, Fabrique & finished wood surface.

    -          If liquid has already been consumed, remove any residue and rinse with hot water. The vessel can be used for a multitude of purposes in your home.


    About Moss St. Fragrances

    Their newest Ceramics Collection is a quirky, fun take on the signature Scandinavian style of Moss St. Fragrances (previously known as Mews Collective). Bringing in trending prints and colors to the mix, they have developed unique ceramic vessels with delightful fragrances to match. Their Ceramics Collection is more than just a fragrance, it’s a statement piece of home décor.

    All of their products are made with sustainability and longevity in mind and can be repurposed long after the candle or diffuser has finished. Reuse your Moss St. vessels for stationery, make-up brushes, or even small plants.

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