Karen Murrell-Lip Scrub Lipstick 00

Karen Murrell-Lip Scrub Lipstick 00

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Make your lips effortlessly gorgeous and smooth!Deeply exfoliates dead skin cells.Making your lips smooth and supple.Moisturises and prevents chapping.Contains natural ingredients that are suitable for lip nourishment.Description Description Change your
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    Make your lips effortlessly gorgeous and smooth!

    Deeply exfoliates dead skin cells.
    Making your lips smooth and supple.
    Moisturises and prevents chapping.
    Contains natural ingredients that are suitable for lip nourishment.



    Change your daily lip routine with Karen Murrell's natural Lip scrub, the perfect lip exfoliator, and treatment for flaky skin and dull lips. Each time you apply the scrub the natural components intensely hydrate and nourish the skin while removing dead skin cells without any irritations, either leave it on your lips or remove it with a washcloth.

    The Lip scrub is the ultimate lip-love kit, especially when paired with the Karen Murrells Moisture Stick to achieve that smooth flawless, and fresh look before applying your favorite shade of lipstick. This not only improves the appearance but also helps improve the way your lips feel.


    Active Ingredients

    Avocado Oil- Provides moisture, nourishment, and hydration.

    Cinnamon- Gives fuller, plumper lips.

    Shea Butter- Perfect for restoration & Hydration.

    Carnauba Wax- Renowned for its high melting point ensures your lipstick is long-lasting.

    Evening Primrose- Rich in omega 6, soothing and super moisturizing.

    Beeswax- Nourishing and calm for the skin with antibacterial properties.


    About Karen Murrell

    Their natural, clean, and beautiful lip products are made to make a statement with great staying power and true glamour. 

    The company believes that anyone wearing their lip colours can brighten a room like a bunch of fresh flowers. That captivating burst of beauty inspires everything they do.


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