iKOU-Tranquility Aromatherapy Bath Soak Turkish Rose & Rose Geranium Refill

iKOU-Tranquility Aromatherapy Bath Soak Turkish Rose & Rose Geranium Refill

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Free yourself from all the tension and stress!Calms your mind and body.Improves blood circulation and immunity.Releases tension to muscles.Cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Description Product Description Take deep breathes, feel tranquility
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    Free yourself from all the tension and stress!

    Calms your mind and body.
    Improves blood circulation and immunity.
    Releases tension to muscles.
    Cleanses and moisturizes your skin.



    Product Description

    Take deep breathes, feel tranquility and allow your mind and body to indulge in the amazing scent of iKOU’s hand blended Tranquility aromatherapy bath soak, infused with  geranium and richn Turkish rose. This aromatherapy bath soak ritual made withsea salt exudes powerful effect in your emotions, reconnects with your feminine side, comforts and soothes the heart and lead you to the spa like treatment at your home. Infused with plant base essence to boost skin health and promotes skin’s natural glow.



    Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate), Fine Water Washed Sea Salts, French Red Superfine Clay (Agile Rouge Surfine), Rose Petals.

    Essential oils of: Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Rose Maroc Absolute


    How to Use


    Bath Soak

    Sprinkle 1-2 cup or hand full of bath salt into the tub with look warm water and let it dissolve for 10-15 minutes.

    This will also create your personal aromatherapy sauna.



    Combine bath salts with your favorite iKOU’s body wash or body oil, and gently scrub spots like elbows, knees and feet.


    Foot Soak

    Sprinkle ¼ or half a cup of bath salt into look warm basin, let dissolve and soak your feet and relax.



    Avoid contact with eyes.

    Discontinue if irritation occurs.

    About iKOU

    Born from the journey of healing a stressed skin condition, founders Naomi & Paul Whitfield’s quest for wellness led to a passion for combining innovative, botanical skincare with conscious home spa rituals to treat skin, mind and body as a whole.

    Their inspiration for iKOU came in 2007 after a blissful spa treatment in Ubud, Bali that ended in a flower petal bath. “This is the moment that touched our lives forever and inspired us to create a brand that encourages daily rituals to bring the spa holiday feel into everyday life, creating moments to rest, relax, restore.”

    From humble beginnings making products in their Blue Mountains kitchen, iKOU has flourished to become the international brand it is today, synonymous with a fusion of modern, organic skincare and ancient global spa rituals that transform the way you feel.

    What does iKOU mean?

    iKOU (ik-oo) Is a Japanese verb, meaning to rest, to relax, to restore. The Kanji symbolises bringing the holiday feeling of rest, relaxation and restoration to both the heart and the soul.

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