iKOU-De-stress Diffuser Refill Clementine, Lavender & Geranium 175ml

iKOU-De-stress Diffuser Refill Clementine, Lavender & Geranium 175ml

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Get hooked with this aromatic cloud of relaxation!Made from Premium Grade essence.Alcohol Free.Detoxifies the air.Fragrance that can lasts up to 9 months.Description Product Description Destressing and allowing yourself to relax
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    Get hooked with this aromatic cloud of relaxation!

    Made from Premium Grade essence.
    Alcohol Free.
    Detoxifies the air.
    Fragrance that can lasts up to 9 months.


    Product Description

    Destressing and allowing yourself to relax and unwind in a spring meadow with the calming floral scent of freshly picked lavenders, citrusy clementine & picturesque geraniums in bloom, blended to create finely fresh Fragrance that delicately spreads into your room and create soul uplifting Zen of your own.


    Fragrance Notes

    Geranium, Clementine, Lemon, Lavender, and Patchouli.


    Eco-Luxury Aroma Diffuser Reeds

    A best-selling iKOU range, loved for the true quality of iKOU essential oil scent blends. The large sizes feature thick natural rattan reeds for maximum scent throw and have an impressive lifespan of up to 9 months, with diffuser reed refills available.

    iKOU Aroma Diffuser Reeds are the effortless way to create a continually scented atmosphere and mood throughout your environment.

    For best results- its recommend get the refill with your initial purchase to keep the bottle topped up and full rather than waiting until it runs out.



    Keep out of children’s reach. Avoid contact with furnishings or fabrics. Ensure product is placed on a suitable surface to prevent accidental spillage or staining. Not for consumption. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Always wipe the bottom of the diffuser bottle. Diffuser oils are flammable. Keep away from open flame.

    About iKOU

    Born from the journey of healing a stressed skin condition, founders Naomi & Paul Whitfield’s quest for wellness led to a passion for combining innovative, botanical skincare with conscious home spa rituals to treat skin, mind and body as a whole.

    Their inspiration for iKOU came in 2007 after a blissful spa treatment in Ubud, Bali that ended in a flower petal bath. “This is the moment that touched our lives forever and inspired us to create a brand that encourages daily rituals to bring the spa holiday feel into everyday life, creating moments to rest, relax, restore.”

    From humble beginnings making products in their Blue Mountains kitchen, iKOU has flourished to become the international brand it is today, synonymous with a fusion of modern, organic skincare and ancient global spa rituals that transform the way you feel.

    What does iKOU mean?

    iKOU (ik-oo) Is a Japanese verb, meaning to rest, to relax, to restore. The Kanji symbolises bringing the holiday feeling of rest, relaxation and restoration to both the heart and the soul.

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