Healthy Care-Super Lecithin 1200mg 100 Capsules

Healthy Care-Super Lecithin 1200mg 100 Capsules

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A potent supplement for boosting heart, brain and digestice health!Supports fat metabolism.Supports the health of the liver.Supports healthy brain function.Assists in the maintenance of general wellbeing.Description Product Description Lecithin is
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    A potent supplement for boosting heart, brain and digestice health!

    Supports fat metabolism.
    Supports the health of the liver.
    Supports healthy brain function.
    Assists in the maintenance of general wellbeing.



    Product Description

    Lecithin is an essential constituent of every cell in the human body. It is a phospholipid, consists primarily of the B vitamins choline and inositol and the essential fatty acid linoleic acid, and is important for the health and composition of the cellular membrane. Lecithin is required for fat breakdown in the digestive system, supporting fat metabolism and the maintenance of liver health. It also assists the normal triglycerides and cholesterol level in healthy individuals.

    Healthy Care Lecithin 1200mg capsules provide a high dosage of lecithin in a convenient capsules form. It is carefully manufactured to the highest standards and is beneficial in the emulsification of fats and oils in the digestive system.


    Active Ingredients

    Each capsule contains:

    Lecithin 1.2g (1200mg)



    Adult takes 1 capsule daily, or as professionally prescribed.



    Don't use if cap seal around the cap is broken.

    Always read the label. Use only as directed.

    If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.


    About Healthy Care

    Healthy Care is now one of Australia’s leading natural health brands, with the aim of providing the world’s best natural health products and to become people's first choice in healthcare. They develop and manufacture their products in their state-of-the-art facility in Belrose, New South Wales, Australia. All Healthy Care products are high-quality and 100% Australian made and owned.

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