Edible Beauty-Inner Essentials Skin + Gut Renew 30 Serves 120g

Edible Beauty-Inner Essentials Skin + Gut Renew 30 Serves 120g

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Get healthy with this Inner Essentials-Skin + Gut Renew Powder!Supports healthy immune system and digestive function.Prevents free radical damage and maintain skin health.Relieves stomach ache symptoms.Has subtle raspberry flavour.Suitable for
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    Get healthy with this Inner Essentials-Skin + Gut Renew Powder!

    Supports healthy immune system and digestive function.
    Prevents free radical damage and maintain skin health.
    Relieves stomach ache symptoms.
    Has subtle raspberry flavour.
    Suitable for vegans.



    Product Description

    Inner Essentials-Skin + Gut Renew Powder is a powerful combination of Chamomile, Glutamine, Bromelain, Slippery elm and Antioxidants. It is specially formulated and designed to help support and repair the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. It is effective in helping to cleanse the digestive system by gently removing toxins and impurities. It helps provide relief for minor digestive problems, such as indigestion, flatulence, and constipation. It is also rich in antioxidants that can boost the skin's natural regenerative process and promote a healthy, glowing complexion. This product is cruelty free, Eco-friendly, gluten free, toxin free, wildcrafted, and recyclable..



    Aloe Vera leaf ext. dry conc. 5mg from dry root 1g equiv Hydroxyanthracene derivatives calc. as anhydrous barbaloin 50micrograms Calendula officinalis flower ext. dry conc. 100mg from dry flower 1g Silybum marianum fruit ext. dry conc. 130.96mg from dry fruit 9.16g Slippery elm bark powder 500mg Vitis vinifera seed ext. dry conc. std 157.8 mg from dry seed 18.93g equiv. Procyanidins 149.92mg Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 100mg Glutamine 1g Pectin 500mg Bromelains 83.36mg (30 million FCC PU) Matricaria chamomilla flower ext. dry conc. 750mg from dry flower 6g.


    How to Use 

    Mix 4 g (1 scoop) of powder with water or your favourite drink 1-2 times daily and stir well. Consume immediately. Or as directed by your health professional.


    About Edible Beauty

    The commitments Edible Beauty Australia makes to you – and the planet.Beauty from the inside – out

    With a range that includes both skincare and ingestibles, you can take a holistic approach to beauty focusing on your inner wellness and outer glow at the same time.

    Botanical And Luxurious Ingredients

    Using sustainable, wildcrafted botanicals and exotic ingredients, our range is pure enough to eat. Everything is Australian made, vegan and gluten free.

    Sustainability Ethos

    Limiting exposure to synthetic and toxic chemicals is important to us, you and the environment. Plus, our packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

    Premium Quality

    High-quality, therapeutically effective products are made for every skin type – normal, oily, dry, sensitive – which means a targeted approach to your individual needs.

    Founder Led

    Our Founder, Anna Mitsios, launched Australia’s first edible skincare range in 2014. An expert in the field, she has pursued herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutrition for more than 15 years.

    Passion Projects

    Our passion projects support communities that need our help – especially those affected by environmental disasters like the Australian bushfire crisis.

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