Ecoya-Cedarwood & Leather Car Diffuser Refill

Ecoya-Cedarwood & Leather Car Diffuser Refill

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Replenish your ECOYA Car Diffuser with the new Fragranced Car Diffuser Refills!Has an oil-based formula, making the scent stronger.Designed to fill your car with long-lasting scent.Available in various scents.Description Product
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    Replenish your ECOYA Car Diffuser with the new Fragranced Car Diffuser Refills!

    Has an oil-based formula, making the scent stronger.
    Designed to fill your car with long-lasting scent.
    Available in various scents.


    Product Description

    Infuse your home or workplace with soothing scent and breathe in the natural benefits of aromatherapy with this essential oil diffuser from Ecoya.

    Ecoya Cedarwood & Leather Car Diffuser is a convenient and designed to sit unobtrusively on your car vent. The Car Diffuser comes with two Fragrance Pods, with each pod made to fragrance your vehicle for up to two months.

    Ecoya Cedarwood & Leather Car Diffuser captures amazing scent of vetiver and bergamot drift over a warm mix of leather, clove and cedarwood creating a deep, enveloping fragrance.



    Remove outer packaging.

    Unscrew the faceplate of your existing car diffuser and remove old fragrance pod.

    Tear open the silver sachet and remove new fragrance pod.

    Place the fragrance pod inside the baseplate of the car diffuser and secure gently by screwing on the faceplate. Take care not to screw tightly.

    Attach the car diffuser to the vent.

    Use the fan setting to regulate the intensity of the fragrance.

    Store the spare fragrance pod in a cool place and replace when required.


    Safety Instructions

    Keep away from flames and out of the way of children and pets.

    Do not swallow.

    If ingestion of fragrance pod does occur, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.

    Avoid fragrance pod from contacting skin.

    If extended contact does occur, rinse thoroughly with soap and water.


    About Ecoya

    ECOYA is an Australasian Fragrance House; designed in New Zealand and handcrafted in Australia.

    Guided by leading perfumers and fragrance experts, their iconic collection of fragrances transforms raw nature into perfumes that are rich, rare and evocative.

    Crafted from natural soy wax with unique fragrances and 100% cotton wicks, ECOYA soy candles blend luxuriousness with a respect for nature. Their collection of Reed Diffusers provide aromatic, long lasting fragrance to any room.

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