Dynasty Australia-Cappuccino Sheep Skin Rug 105cm

Dynasty Australia-Cappuccino Sheep Skin Rug 105cm

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High-quality lambskin rug that provides warmth and comfort to your young ones!Can be used as a play rug or comfort pad.Keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer.It also
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    High-quality lambskin rug that provides warmth and comfort to your young ones!

    Can be used as a play rug or comfort pad.
    Keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer.
    It also helps draw moisture away from skin.


    Product Description

    Dynasty Australian Sheep Skin Rug is a high-quality rug for your young ones, made with premium quality luxurious, thick and smooth Australian lambskin.

    The soft texture of Australian wool helps soothe and calm while the natural lambskin keeps the baby’s body warm during the cold months and cool during the summer as it absorbs moisture away from the skin.



    105 Centimetre



    100% Australian Lambskin Wool


    Cleaning Recommendations:

    1.  For small spills spot clean with a damp cloth & sheepskin shampoo or wool detergent followed by a damp cloth to remove residual detergent

    2.  Overall cleaning: Sheepskin is dry cleanable by a professional dry cleaner who specialises in leather & sheepskin.


    General Care Of Long Wool Rugs

    Brisk shaking and regular brushing of the wool pile helps restore the soft, fluffy appearance and feel of the lamb skin.



    1.  Keep Babies and infants away from Long Wool Rugs to ensure they will not choke, chew or potentially suffocate within the long, open wool fibre.

    2. Do not place Long Wool rugs within cots, bassinets, or pram liners or booster seats.

    3. Do not wash this product as the long wool fibres will become entangled and knotting will occur.

    4. Avoid placing near open fireplaces or electric heaters


    About Dynasty Australia

    Dynasty Australia is the leading wholesaler and distributor of premium quality sheepskin products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Up until the late 80’s before Australia’s export pathways opened up to China, there was an abundance of tanneries throughout Australia processing sheep and lambskins into a wide range of products.

    By the early nineties many of Australia’s tanneries could not keep pace with increasing production costs and a new era of sheepskin supply developed with “DYNASTY”setting up its major sales and purchasing warehouse in the heart of the Victorian sheepskin industry, Laverton North.

    Two decades on, Dynasty Australia holds the largest inventory of tanned and finished sheepskins in a wide variety of specifications, colorways, and material types.

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